Temperature dropped 15 degrees within 15 minutes

High & low on the bottom right.


Necropsy results are in

To lighten the bad news, I will share what made me laugh when I told my husband the vet called to let me know the report was in:

Me: “The vet called with Mrs. Pickles’ results.”

Husband: “What was wrong with her?”

Me: “She is dead.”

Husband: “No, I mean what was the cause of her death?”

Me: “Lethal injection.”

Before proceeding with the lengthy list of items in the report, I will note that the vet asked the pathologist about Mrs. Pickles having fowl pox and he said she could have had it, but did not have it at the time of her death. The vet also asked about the antibiotics given & was told the bacteria could simply have been resistant.

I have only included the condensed results from the report (originally 3 pages in what appears to be 8-pt font). The necropsy was performed at the TVMDL in College Station, TX.

Histopathologic Diagnosis:

  • Systemic lymphocytic inflammation consistent with Avian Leukosis virus
  • Eyelid: Focal granulamatous blepharitis surrounding coccoid bacteria

  • Molecular Diagnostics:

  • Mycoplasma: MG negative and MS positive in relatively large amounts

  • Necropsy Diagnosis:

  • Severe sinusitis, conjunctivits with periocular abscesses
  • One big pig

    A giant hog wandered through our front yard & down the street to the neighbor’s garbage bin.

    We aren’t allowed to have pigs (or privacy fences) in our neighborhood, so I don’t know where he came from.

    He is almost as tall as the neighbor’s garbage bin.

    Goodbye, Mrs. Pickles

    I asked the vet to put Mrs. Pickles to sleep this morning. I also asked her to send Mrs. Pickles’ remains to the state lab for a necropsy.  It will be interesting to finally know what the problem was.

    If the vet ever wants to write a case report, I want the necropsy report to be there for her.  I have pictures that were taken every 1-4 days going back 6 months, weekly weight records for the past 4 months, and the vet has her records from the past 6 months of regular visits.  It would be a nice report, even if it’s never published.

    Mrs. Pickles was our smart girl and contributing to science is how we will honor her.  Leaving her with the vet & knowing what would happen to her was heartbreaking.  We will box and bury some feathers in our little chicken cemetery.

    Unusual Fowl Pox

    Mrs. Pickles still has fowl pox.  She develops a lesion and it falls off about once a month.  This has been going on for 6 months.  I need advice.

    In photos from October, a spot is clearly visible (although tiny) in the same place a lesion appeared in December.  Is it just a spot where the skin was already damaged or is it the beginning of a lesion?  There are two spots which appear on the bottom of her eyelid in previous photos that are now becoming nasty lesions.  Those spots were not present on photos from September.

    Does anyone else have a case of recurrent fowl pox in their flock?  With only one chicken?  With lesions around the eye?  With the worst lesions just one side of the face?  With lesions that appear to be of two different types?  With some lesions developing two months after they appear as tiny specks?

    At this point, I’m frustrated.

    Studies about fowl pox in backyard flocks are nearly absent from the literature because they aren’t considered economically important.  What about being socially important?  I guess backyard flocks are not visible or numerous enough to contribute much value to science.

    Please add anything to this list of terms I’ve searched for in various combinations & hopefully it will guide someone to this post:

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