Roxanne is a barred Plymouth Rock hen.  My first choice for her name was Mrs. Barred Rock Obama.  However, she kept the name given by her former owner because she says, “Wrrahk” and it sounds just like the first syllable from the song.  She seems to enjoy being held.  She’s loud; quite the opposite of our other barred rock, Mary Poopins.  Roxanne loves looking at herself in the mirror, 20 minutes at a time.

Roxanne knows her name and will often come when called.  She got the operant conditioning excerise we did correct the first time and every time after.

Poor Roxanne was attacked by her previous keeper’s dog, thankfully surviving with mangled scales, missing and broken feathers, an eye that constantly has air bubbles in it, and a tendency to fall asleep standing up.

Roxanne would br a showgirl if she was a person.






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