Katy Pecky (Piggy)

Silver laced Wyandotte hen.  She doesn’t peck people; named after Katy Perry by a 10-year-old girl.  I would call her Old Baldy if the rest of her wasn’t so pretty.  She talks non-stop sometimes, so Chatty Cathy might be a more appropriate name for her.  I call her Katy Piggy because she eats so much.  I assume that is a result of spending time on my shoulder or legs instead of foraging.  I love my Piggy!

She’s not very nice to the other hens.  She tolerates Mary Poopins and Dirty Birdie, but chases everyone else away.  She won’t let Waffles or Aunt Jemima in the nest boxes if she sees them there.  She used to chase Lucy, bite, and not let go.  She has since taken to doing the same to Waffles and Aunt Jemima.

Without doubt, I am Katy Piggy’s favorite person and I’m very proud of it.  I love her.  As a baby, she didn’t like to be too far away from me and some times had to be taken off my shoulder at night because she wouldn’t get down on her own.  She was sick when she was little and I held her until she got better, so perhaps that’s why.  She would sit on me for hours if I let her.

She likes to help with the shop-vac.  As soon as she hears it, she comes running and jumps on my shoulder if she’s not already there.  Helping me clean the coop and helping me pick up after the dog are two other things Katy Piggy seems to enjoy.  She’s a good helper!  She sits on my shoulder as we walk around the yard.



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