Butters is a buff Orpington hen.  She is the largest of our 10 hens.  Buffy is the second one running to me when I sit on the ground, but she just won’t step on my legs to perch.  She lifts one foot, hesitates, then puts it back down.  She defends her spot though!  When she falls asleep next to me, she rests her beak on my foot.  It’s very sweet.

She was called Buffy by her former owner and Butters simply sounded better to me.  I don’t believe she is the brightest of the girls and she always has a scared look in her eye.  She is our largest hen and the softest too.

When she stares in the mirror, she seems sad.  My guess is she’s thinking, “…but it’s floppy.  Why is it floppy?  No one else has a floppy comb.”






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