Margaret finally a whole member of the flock

This post is now updated with a link to the reference material.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about our newest flock member. She arrived as bones, waiting to be articulated. I named her Margaret and put her in a box on a bookshelf. She waited patiently and finally was made whole again. It took many frustrating nights for me to put her back together, but she is standing with the help of a lot of hot glue.

Unfortunately, I put her head together last. I was out of patience and used a ton of hot glue. I didn’t bother putting the bones of her tongue together but instead rolled them in a little baggie with other pieces that were crumbled when they arrived, then hot glued the that under her ribs. She came with the note that she had been killed by a hawk and she was a buff color.

I learned a lot more than I expected. Reference materials were difficult to find and I never found them all in the same place, so there was a lot of searching and reading involved. I will upload what little I found in that section of this blog.

She looks good from far away though. We have her standing next to the television. i especially like her legs and feet. Those are fascinating on living chickens and just as much when just bones.

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