As the days go by 

I haven’t felt a lot better about the loss of our hens, Mother and Mrs. Pickles, until yesterday.

There are 5 people I’ve met who are the most intesting people I know.  I cannot possibly put them in order because they are each the most interesting in their own way, so in order of how long I’ve known them: Mom, Dad, Grace, Dr. Zoologist and Dr. Entomologist.

The entomologist and the zoologist couple returned for a presentation at my DAR chapter yesterday.  I had anxiously waited 5 months for them to return.  The zoologist gave his presentation in October and they returned for the entomologist’s presentation.  Each of them had an American Revolution-related topic, although I would have been happy with bugs or animals.

I asked how they had been.  Their response of pleasant visits with family was expected, but the news of their dog dying on its 14th birthday and their tortoise dying 50 years after they found it was totally unexpected.

They’ve had other dogs in the past 50 years, but only one tortoise.  In their years of traveling in an RV, they usually brought a dog and the tortoise.

Tires inflated, check.  Hook-ups in order, check.  Coffee, check.  Dog, check.  Tortoise, check?  I knew people travelled in RVs with dogs, but traveling with a tortoise?  Granted, I have not met a lot of people who travel in RVs.

People get birds that live 50 years or more, but there probably aren’t many people who expect to find a tortoise in the middle of a busy road and welcome it into their family for 50 years.


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