Necropsy results are in

To lighten the bad news, I will share what made me laugh when I told my husband the vet called to let me know the report was in:

Me: “The vet called with Mrs. Pickles’ results.”

Husband: “What was wrong with her?”

Me: “She is dead.”

Husband: “No, I mean what was the cause of her death?”

Me: “Lethal injection.”

Before proceeding with the lengthy list of items in the report, I will note that the vet asked the pathologist about Mrs. Pickles having fowl pox and he said she could have had it, but did not have it at the time of her death. The vet also asked about the antibiotics given & was told the bacteria could simply have been resistant.

I have only included the condensed results from the report (originally 3 pages in what appears to be 8-pt font). The necropsy was performed at the TVMDL in College Station, TX.

Histopathologic Diagnosis:

  • Systemic lymphocytic inflammation consistent with Avian Leukosis virus
  • Eyelid: Focal granulamatous blepharitis surrounding coccoid bacteria

  • Molecular Diagnostics:

  • Mycoplasma: MG negative and MS positive in relatively large amounts

  • Necropsy Diagnosis:

  • Severe sinusitis, conjunctivits with periocular abscesses
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