Goodbye, Mrs. Pickles

I asked the vet to put Mrs. Pickles to sleep this morning. I also asked her to send Mrs. Pickles’ remains to the state lab for a necropsy.  It will be interesting to finally know what the problem was.

If the vet ever wants to write a case report, I want the necropsy report to be there for her.  I have pictures that were taken every 1-4 days going back 6 months, weekly weight records for the past 4 months, and the vet has her records from the past 6 months of regular visits.  It would be a nice report, even if it’s never published.

Mrs. Pickles was our smart girl and contributing to science is how we will honor her.  Leaving her with the vet & knowing what would happen to her was heartbreaking.  We will box and bury some feathers in our little chicken cemetery.


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