It’s been Christmas since August.  Thanksgiving is almost here.  Time to give thanks for the gifts we’re about to receive.

Really?  It’s terrible, but it makes sense.

Holidays aren’t like that in our home.  We are thankful every day for the blessings God gives us and pray we can be blessings to others.  Thanksgiving the day we celebrate how thankful we are.  At Christmas, we remember God’s gift to us through Jesus.  The entire season is a time to celebrate one another in the spirit of God.

We do give Christmas gifts.  In addition to actual gifts this year, I’m giving pretend gifts to some of my adult family members.  I already gave my sister her “gift”.  She received a scuba diving adventure on the Red Sea which includes a camel trek.  She enjoys that sort of thing & she was excited to “receive” it.

The “gifts” are kind of like greeting cards: carefully selected, given at a special time, and require some degree of suspension of disbelief.  It’s a lot of fun searching for the best representation of something a family member would enjoy having and not be limited by a budget.  The possibilities are endless!


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