Let’s play “This or That”

Some days require seriousness and others simply need silly games because there are too many real problems to think about.  My husband calls this my list of first-world problems.

  • This or That   or   20 Questions
  • Buffy the orpington    or   Donkey Kong the australorp
  • Shahrukh Khan   or   Salman Khan
  • Kal Ho Naa Ho   or   Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
  • Chaiyya Chaiyya   or   Jiya Jale
  • Sand   or   Pine shavings
  • Nutrena   or   Purina
  • Natural roosts   or   2×4 wide side up
  • Pine shavings   or   Hay
  • Brown eggs   or   Green eggs
  • First class on an A-320   or   First class on a 737
  • Delta’s first class meals   or   American’s first class meals
  • Buttons with 2 holes   or    Buttons with 4 holes
  • Handbag with a 4-inch drop   or   Handbag with a 6-inch drop
  • Evening bag with an optional strap    or   Evening bag without a strap
  • Dhoom   or   Dhoom 2
  • Skirt with a matching blazer   or   Skirt with a coordinating blazer
  • Morning chicken chores   or   Evening chicken  chores
  • Chickens napping at 10:15am   or   Chickens napping at 3:15pm
  • Evening gown with sequins   or   Evening gown with beads
  • Knowing the mailman’s name   or   Knowing the UPS guys’s name
  • Breeze from the southeast   or   Breeze from the south
  • Flight from GRK to DFW   or   Flight from GRK to IAH
  • Skype call on a computer   or   Skype call on a cell phone
  • Vacuum first   or   Sweep first
  • Crockpot   or   Casserole
  • Books on shelf organized by author   or   Books on shelf organized by cover type
  • Hard-cover books   or   Soft-cover books
  • Buying new books   or   Buying like-new books
  • Morning flights   or   Afternoon flights
  • Delta’s blankets   or   American’s blankets
  • Nominating committee   or   Nominations from the floor
  • Regent with Vice Regent   or   Regent with First Vice Regent & Second Vice Regent
  • Appointed committee chairs   or   Volunteered committe chairs
  • Friday formal dinner   or   Saturday formal dinner
  • Round roosts or Roosts with rounded edges

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