Mrs. Pickles will be okay… again!

Mrs. Pickles was just on her way to recovery when we saw a swollen area on the side of her face.  It looked like a fire ant bite, so we were hopeful it would heal on its own.  One week later we were in the kitchen, deciding which method would be best to kill her with.  The area had swollen significantly and we had watched as the edges around the center turned purple and appeared to melt away.

We had medicine left over from when the girls had bumblefoot, so we gave that to her.  The next morning, she still looked terrible but better.  Our vet was on vacation, so we just needed Mrs. Pickles to make it two more days until the vet was back in the office.

Much to my relief, the vet expects Mrs. Pickles to make a full recovery, although it may take a while for the spot to heal. She said the change in color is likely due to me lifting it a bit to see if it would drain. The medicine we gave Mrs. Pickles is exactly what the vet said she would have prescribed, so we’re going to continue with that. She said it probably saved her life. I am so thankful Mrs. Pickles will get better and that we are able to see an awesome veterinarian.


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