Mrs. Pickles, the house guest

Mrs. Pickles is a guest in our home and will be staying for a while.  She is sleeping in the ladies room.  While our guests are free to use the ladies room, we don’t ask them to sleep there.  Mrs. Pickles is a special guest though.  She is one of our buff orpington chickens.

Mrs. Pickles is sick, but recovering.  She had a swollen eye, was dehydrated, and generally not well.  The vet said her temperature was 109 and she only weighed 2 lbs.  All of her fluff concealed that very well.  We don’t know exactly what’s wrong, but it may be contagious.  Bad contagious.  Like Marek’s or Newcastle contagious.  We had to separate her and it is too hot anywhere else, so she’s in the bathroom.  None of the others are showing any signs of illness, but she’s only been away from them for a week.  At first, I had to give her water with a dropper because she wasn’t drinking.  She would only take 0.3 ml at a time.  Thank goodness she’s drinking on her own now.  I brought her foam die in an she pecked for treats, so that’s a good sign too.  She gets tired very fast, but the swelling has gone down.

Chicken diseases are scary.  Not only are many of them highly contagious, but the incubation times and symptoms can be different from bird to bird for the same disease.  For example in a single disease, they could show symptoms any time from 5 days to 3 weeks after exposure.  They might not show any symptoms at all and could just drop dead while other flock members have respiratory trouble.  It could be transmitted by wild birds or the flock down the road.  Who knows?!  I hope she continues to get better.


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