What?  Bollywood?

Yesterday my feelings were hurt just a little.  Waffles asked for my husband instead of me.  She said, “Whaaat?  Whaaat?” instead of “Ooh!  Ooh!”.  The only way I can explain knowing this is comparing it to a mom with a 2 year old.  Mom understands perfectly what the toddler says, but other family members have no idea.

My husband made me feel better because he sat down and watched Om Shanti Om a second time.

Question: I’ve only watched Om Shanti Om once.  There were no other people in the house.  I was working in the other room.  Who did my husband watch it with?

Hint: This isn’t chicken math.

Answer: He watched an entire 170 minute Bollywood film by himself because he liked the story.

Bonus: When the movie was over, he started a discussion with me about what a great actor Shahrukh Kahn is.  I’m glad we agree!

His secret is now out.  He likes Bollywood movies.


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