ChromatiNet shade cloth

Now that it’s hot, the girls spend their days in the old coop with attached run; their usual hangout spot is by the patio, where our house blocks the summer breeze.

The run is a 10’x10′ dog run with standard black shade cloth that came with it, plus a layer of white/straw colored shade cloth over that.  The lighter color shade cloth covers the east side of the run, which is in full sun.  The combination trapped a lot of heat.  They needed something else, so I looked into something else and found Aluminet, a reflective shade cloth.  It is used to help regulate temperature in greenhouses, so I was worried about it retaining heat like the black did with the east side in shade cloth and the west mostly sided by the coop.  It was too expensive to special order and then find out it won’t work.  We wouldn’t have another use for it.

I also found two types of reflective climate screens and neither seemed appropriate for a chicken run.  I finally found shade cloth called ChromatiNet, which manages the light spectrum. It comes in blue, pearl, red, and silver; each color filters sunlight for a different purpose.  The description for silver (also called gray) states it can be used for shading poultry.  Hooray!  I ordered gray with 80% shade in a custom size (10’x10′) with tape & grommets. I opted to get grommets every foot plus one on each corner.  It was reasonably priced, although shipping was expensive.

As expected, it took about 3 weeks for the custom order.  It arrived and it’s working great.  It seems like much less shade than 80% but that’s probably because we had a double layer before.  It’s noticeably cooler.

img_0285 img_0286 img_0290



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