A baby on my doorstep

This sweet little baby blue jay spent the night on our front porch.  I worried it was sick because it wasn’t afraid of me at all.  In the morning, mama blue jay tried her best to encourage it to fly up into the tree with their nest, but it couldn’t quite make it & on our rested periodically on our front porch throughout the day.  Looking at the photos, it might be a different baby during the day.  Anyhow, it finally flew away.  It certainly brightened my heart after losing Dirty Birdie.

Spring is always such a depressing time of year in Texas.  It’s nature’s dirty trick: the baby birds and the flowers are beautiful, but the misery and stress of summer are just a couple of weeks away.  The mosquitoes are already here.

The only good thing about Dirty Birdie being put to sleep is there is one less chicken to keep alive over the summer.  We have two large trees; one in the front (with the blue jay nest) and the other in the back, which isn’t situated to provide shade for anything but grackles (which have finally invaded our neighborhood).  The trees we’ve planted are not large enough to help yet.

Unfortunately our house blocks the breeze during summer, so the girls can’t even chill out on the patio.  They are stuck in their daytime coop & run, where there is shade and somewhat of a breeze.  This is also the time of year they can’t sit on my lap, my legs, or my shoulders.  Katy Pecky is already making the sound she only makes to me when it’s too hot.  It’s as if she’s saying, “Please stop this!  Why are you doing this to us?  You control the food, the water, the housekeeping, and you protect us from the rain.  Please, just make it cooler.  Don’t you care that we’re suffering out here?”

We won’t be sitting in their sleeping coop playing games with cards or dice; it’s hotter in there than it is in their daytime coop & run.  Cooling that coop is just as bad as keeping them outside, so I worry when it gets dark too; they all want the same spot, so they’re all squished together.  Large fans & windows do help, but not enough for relief from the heat.

They will now have to transition to laying eggs in their open community nest in their daytime coop.  That’s where I worry about them most.  They all want the same spot and refuse to move.

It’s all so depressing.  I know for the next 4 months, the temperature and humidity will only continue to increase.  Every day during summertime, all day long, I worry at least one of the girls will die.  We were fortunate last summer not to lose any to the heat.

My thoughts are always the same at the end of each summer day: We made it through today.  Now we just have to make it through tomorrow.

I may already have some solutions to the heat & humidity problems, so will post those soon!

Now the baby blue jay photos to cheer up this post.  It was adorable sleeping with its little head under its wing!



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