The telephone operator loves chickens too

I had to call the phone company this morning because my landline phone isn’t working.  Waiting forever for the system to run checks on the line, the operator asked how my day was.  Ah!  Another opportunity to talk about my chickens!

After telling her how much I love my chickens, she told me a story.  Her sister bought a property with a few chickens.  A few quickly turned into 45.  She had 3 baby chicks who had been rejected by their broody hen.  The sister had to go out of town from California to Texas, so she asked her sister to watch them.  She said she loved those babies and set her alarm to wake up every 4 hours to check on them.  She said by the end of the weekend, those babies had stolen her heart.  To this day, those chickens still greet her at the gate.  Very sweet, indeed!


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