Oh, the guilt!

We brought our “new” girls home 447 days ago.  Have I counted each day?  No.  Gone are the days of pencil and paper calculations.  I used an online date calculator.  Somehow, that makes me feel guilty.

The guilt I’m feeling right now isn’t about calculations though.  It’s about names.  When we brought our new girls here to their forever home, I renamed 3 of the 4.  Goldie became Mrs. Pickles, Charlotte became Donkey Kong, and Buffy became Butters.  For the past 447 days, poor Butters just wanted me to call her by real name.

I realized this yesterday when she glanced at me and I said, “Do you just want me to call you Buffy?”  She opened her eyes wider and tilted her head.  I said, “Is that what’s wrong, Buffy?  Do you want me to say Buffy?  Do you like Buffy?”  She walker closer, looking interested.  We did the same thing again today.  She had the same look on her face as a dog does when it perks up its ears.  She looks so happy when I say it!  I feel terribly guilty.  Maybe that’s why she’s looked so scared and confused all this time.  Mrs. Pickles & Donkey Kong didn’t respond when I called their former names, so it’s not all bad.  Buffy will be Buffy from now on. 


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