A win for chickens too!

A man from this year’s winning Superbowl team wants to have a chicken farm.  Yes, it’s true.  His name is Von Miller.  The man’s degree from Texas A&M is in poultry science. We watched an interview on youtube and he said he’d raised baby chicks and vaccinated chickens during college. He never expected he’d like it and certainly never thought he’d want to be a chicken farmer. He said that besides playing football, being a chicken farmer became his life dream. He said he wants the chickens he raises to be happy.

In one of the photos I found of him online, he has that goofy smile that so far I’ve only seen on chicken people.  If you know it, you’ll easily recognize it in photos.

My husband is excited that a someone like this man is talking about it because it’s good for chickens. Who would ever have thought Ryan would say something like that?! Ha!
He also said he hopes this will encourage other players & other people with tons of money to make a serious impact on the chicken industry and will get hundreds of thousands of fans to think about seriously changing the poultry industry too. Billions of dollars are needed along with strong consumer support to change anything and the professional football industry is probably the only way it could realistically be done.  
I’ve always hated football and now there is actually something I like about it!  If the football player raises happy chickens, I wouls certainly buy them.  For now, if the person who sells whole butchered chickens would return to the farmers market, I would be even happier.  I would love to have chicken for dinner.


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