A chicken caregiver’s shopping strategy

My wardrobe consists of 3 categories: chicken clothes, skirt suits, and evening gowns.  I own very few items that fall between chicken clothes and skirt suits, so I’m constantly wearing the same few tops with jeans.  It’s definitely time to shop for casual clothes.  However, I hate shopping because I can’t find anything I like.

I’ve been looking for another polyester, short sleeved, collared, button up blouse with a small geometric print for a long time and cannot find one.  My sister and I call them “Grandma Cusick shirts” because our great grandmother wore that style.  There are quite a few sleeveless tops like that to wear under blazers but: a) wearing a sleeveless top under a blazer is asking for sweat and/or deodorant marks and b) collared shirts don’t fit well under buttoned blazers.  Help!

A few times a year I need to wear an evening gown.  Those are much easier to shop for!  Here is my shopping strategy for finding my evening gowns:

Start by looking online at the most expensive gowns you can find, choose one & search for the absolute best price, then move to the next level of lower priced gowns, repeat the price search, and keep repeating the steps until you find the perfect one. When you’ve found the perfect one at the right price, search again at the next lowest price level.

On the way down in price, you’re bound to discover other gowns you like even more than in the last search. It’s time consuming, but it’s less time than going to stores, there is a much wider selection online, and you’ll know you have the best one for your budget.

The best part: you can wear your going-out-to-take-care-of-chickens clothes.


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