The Egg Song

Before the egg, after the egg, without an egg, solo, or in chorus, the egg song is anything but a joyful noise.  Post oviposition cackle is the technical term for their bok-bok-ba-gawking and that certainly describes it better, in my opinion.

It’s the loudest vocalization my girls have.  Identifying the “voice” of each of our 11 hens with my back turned is fairly easy, but when it’s the egg song it becomes extremely difficult.

 The egg song is apparently more contagious than yawning.  When one begins declaring something to the world about her egg, another will often join.  This occasionally happens when I’m sitting with them and when it does, I begin laughing.  This seems to prompt more of them to join and only encourages my nearly uncontrollable laughter.  Yesterday, there were five of us bok-bok-ba-gawking.  We were so loud that my step-daughter inside the house heard us and came running to make sure everything was okay.

Life with chickens changes everything from black & white to color.  Laughing with chickens changes color to high definition.


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