Soaking a chicken with bumblefoot by yourself

Yes, it is possible to do this by yourself, even with a very uncooperative chicken!

  • Prepare everything ahead of time
  • Have multiple absorbent cloth napkins on hand

  • Use plastic salad bowls

  • Prepare two bowls of water, one with warm water & epsom salt and the other with plain hot water. When the bowl of hot water cools to the temperature of the water in which the chicken is soaking, it’s time to rinse.

  • Ratio of plain epsom salt to warm water: about 1 tablespoon to about 3 inches of warm water. I hope that’s not too strong.

  • Place a thick washcloth at the bottom of each bowl for the chicken to stand on

  • Place the bowls on a table that’s at a comfortable height for you to stand next to during the soak

  • Soak at night after they’ve all been asleep for a little while

  • Hold the chicken’s wings down with a large cloth napkin, ideally taking him or her off the roost that way

  • Loosely drape a cloth napkin over the chicken’s head (much cooler during the soak than a regular towel) and remove the napkin that’s around the wings when he or she settles down

  • If the chicken sits or falls asleep in the water, for peace of mind be sure to remove the napkin so you can see if his or her beak is getting too close to the water

  • Use another cloth napkin to pick the chicken up to rinse and hold it while drying the feet

  • Use yet another cloth napkin to dry the feet (makes it easier to dry between little folds of skin)

  • The chicken that falls asleep in the water is usually the one who most resists being placed in it (quite a surprise to me)

What works for you? Please share to make it easier for the next person who needs to soak a chicken.


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