Medicated Macaroni

Dirty Birdie and Butters returned home with scabs removed, bandages on their feet, pain medicine, & antibiotics. The vet looked at photos of everyone else and sent medicine home for Mrs. Pickles, Mother Clucker, & Waffles. They all need medicine twice a day, so I used the tiny dropper they sent to inject the medicine into macaroni. The dropper fits perfectly!

The vet at Texas A&M was wonderful.  It was definitely worth the trip and it was nice that the girls paid for it with the eggs my husband was selling at work.  They’ve been good about saving their egg money & the electrician who looked at the new coop cost much less than expected, so they still have a little left.  I love my girls; they give us food, pay their bills, and are great company too.  Bitty Dog doesn’t pay for anything!

Although I feel like the worst chicken mom ever for not noticing the condition of their feet sooner, the vet said at least they were seen earlier than most birds they see with bumblefoot and that it was the right thing to do to bring them in instead of trying to dig the lesions out myself. Certainly many chicken keepers do a wonderful job treating bumblefoot themselves, but it would have been a disaster for ours.  If something involves the words surgery or operation, I know I don’t have the experience to do it properly.

I felt a little better when we were not able to immediately & definitively pinpoint the cause of it.  Bumblefoot is the result of poor husbandry, so for me it was the worst thing to have to take them in for.  I did everything I knew to create a safe and healthy environment for them, so it’s terrible knowing I failed.  The only cause the vet was able to think of after I explained how they are kept was that their roost may be too hard and that the only other thing might be that they spend a lot of time napping on the patio during the day.  Concrete is very bad for their feet.  She suggested astroturf-type material for their roost and the patio.


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