Crazy Miscellaney

We’ve had a lot of rain recently and the girls’ new coop flooded with almost 2 inches of water.  The concrete floor is covered by play mats, so it was like walking on a giant waterbed with the play mats floating.  I wonder what they thought as the water began flowing inside.  The concrete is still drying out, so the mats can’t go back yet.  What a mess!

Before the rain, my husband found an interesting crayfish in the drainage ditch in our front yard.  We’re about 200 miles away from the watershed in which the species is found, so I’ll be watching for more of them.

I helped move a large snapping turtle out of the main road about a mile from my house.  I saw it, pulled over, jumped out, & was relieved to see another woman do the same.  A police car did everyone the favor of stopping traffic.  I found a piece of foam and the other lady grabbed a construction cone.  The turtle bit the foam and held on while I lifted and the other lady lifted its tail with the cone.  Slowly we made our way out of the road like that, a little at a time.  It must have been funny to watch!

There was a parrot in our backyard for several days.  It hasn’t been back since the rain stopped.  Hopefully it found its way home.

I am in need of another pair of chicken-friendly shorts, additional chicken-friendly tanktops, and another evening gown.  At this time, I am unsure which of those will be easiest to find.


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