Time Flies Faster Than a Chicken

It’s been way to long since my last post!  I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth and neither have any of the girls.  Mother got over fowl pox and so did the rest of the girls.  We thought they had scaly leg mites, but the vet said their legs and feet looked normal.  Katy Pecky’s breathing sounded strange when she was snuggled up on my shoulder, so I took her to the vet.  After a course of antibiotics, the vet said she sounded better.  We couldn’t eat her eggs during that time and I couldn’t tell four of the seven hens’ eggs apart, so we had to throw those out.  I am still disappointed with myself because I can’t tell the difference.  The problem is that they don’t always lay an egg when they sit on the nest.  If two have been on the nest and there is only one egg, I can’t tell who it belongs to.  We have added four to our flock, bringing the total to 11, so I can now only identify who laid the green eggs.  Lucy and Dirty Birdie both lay green eggs and I can tell the difference, even if they aren’t side-by-side.  They’re nearly identical, but Lucy’s are slightly glossy.

Our new hens are the same age as our others.  They are named Roxanne, Donkey Kong (formerly Charlotte), Butters (formerly Buffy), and Mrs. Pickles (formerly Goldie).  A lady who works with my husband had lost three of her seven hens within a couple of months (one mysterious death, one eaten by a hawk on the back porch, and one shaken and plucked by their new dog).  One of the remaining four was saved from the new dog, who was in the process of shaking her around and plucking out feathers.  I took her to the vet after a month of being here because she had a runny eye which had clear bubbles in it and I was worried it was contagious.  She didn’t seem ill at all though, just the eye problem and looking like she was falling asleep standing up if viewed from her ‘bad’ side.  The vet gave her an eye ointment and it didn’t help.  I believe her eye is simply like that because something was damaged in the dog attack.  I read the eye bubbles can indicate air escaping through the lacrimal duct.  Avian ophthalmology is fascinating!

I’ll add pages for the new girls and update photos for everyone as soon as I have time.  Hopefully that will be sooner than later!



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