What a Day!

The vet said Mother most likely has fowl pox, although they could be ant bites. The girls killed and partially ate a small mockingbird and there were ants all over it when I found it under the trampoline. However, Mother has lesions typical of fowl pox on her comb & wattles and she is still very lethargic. My husband and I agree it looks more like fowl pox than ant bites. Last night, we noticed Lucy has some lesions on her comb. We’ll simply have to monitor all of them closely because there’s not much that can be done about fowl pox.

Mother will spend the night in the rabbit hutch brooder until she’s getting around on her own. We worry the others will peck her to death then eat her. The girls seem to enjoy looking at her in this condition, but Dirty Birdie is the only one who has tried to peck her. I’ve never seen Dirty Birdie peck anyone, so it was interesting to watch her puff up and drop her wing at Mother.

We had to take her to the specialty vet (35 minutes away) because Bitty Dog’s vet doesn’t work on Wednesdays and the other vet in town who sees livestock was on vacation until today. We were fortunate to get a same-day appointment, especially because she was a new patient. They injected her with fluids & vitamins and sent us home with antibiotics just in case her lesions become infected. We declined the blood work and biopsy.

It was a pleasant surprise I was able to give her the medicine by myself! Chickens have very long necks, so they have to be held just right and then the beak has to be opened and the medicine put in at the same time. She hasn’t tried to bite me at all, so she must be feeling terrible.

It’s too hot to keep her in the shop, so I put her in our bathroom while I ran errands this afternoon. She’s still in there and I haven’t decided how to acclimate her back to outdoor temperature. I turned the A/C off when I left, so I suppose waiting until the house gets hot is the best option.


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