Close Call

A neighbor’s free-range bantam chickens were chased by a chihuahua this afternoon. It was horrible to watch. Another neighbor’s dog was next to those chickens so any attempt at rescue may have ended unpleasantly. That dog’s name is Trouble. The chihuahua disappeared, so all was well. Sort of.

The squealing heard next didn’t sound like one of our girls, so I assumed the worst for one of the neighbor’s chickens. I made it around the corner just in time. The chihuahua was one bite away from our house and the poor little hen was desperately trying to get through our fence. The dog ran away and I picked the chicken up to walk her home. As we walked past Trouble’s house, I saw legs sticking straight up in the air. After returning the little hen, I offered to pick up the deceased one. Thankfully she wasn’t bloody or in pieces.


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