I took Bitty Dog to the vet yesterday for his yearly exam and vaccinations. The receptionist pointed to the bulletin board and told me they’d put the thank you card I sent for Marty Poopins up there. I tried my best not to cry and was successful until the vet and her assistant came into the exam room. The vet cheered me up when she told me she’d been talking with her husband about Marty and the card I sent with all the hens’ names and her 5-year-old overheard them. She said he now runs around the house shouting, “Poopins! Poopins!” I’m glad he’ll be remembered more places than home.

This morning the big girls followed me into the shop. They looked everywhere in there for Marty. Katy Pecky and Dirty Birdie jumped up where Marty used to make his nest. They can fly up there, but they know they’re too heavy to jump down on the concrete floor so I had to help them down. They were reluctant, but assumed I would take them to him. It was terrible to hear them calling for him. I felt bad and was holding back tears when sweet little Mary Poopins jumped up and bit me.


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