Getting the Flock Out of Here

I couldn’t resist the title. My daughter and I are going to visit my mom & step-dad in Chicago. We’ll only be gone four days and my husband will still be home taking care of the chickens & the dog, but I’m getting nervous. I’ve never left the flock that long. They will think I’ve gone wherever Marty Poopins went.
Certainly Bitty Dog believes any time we leave the house, we go to see Kenny (our fabulously awesome dog groomer). With the exception of his yearly visit to the vet, that’s the only place Bitty goes. I have no reason to believe the chickens wouldn’t think the same way.

The first time I left the big chickens, they were about 7 weeks old. I returned after two days and they all kept making a strange primate-sounding noise. I only figured out what it was when I went inside and realized I was making almost the same sound to Bitty, telling him how happy I was to see him.


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