A Nice Goodbye

We had a very nice goodbye.  Marty Poopins was dustbathing under the trampoline when I went to get him for our car ride.  If he hadn’t been a danger to the hens, I couldn’t have taken him in that afternoon.  He was so cute all fluffed up and huge.  It wasn’t until I put him into the car that I realized it might be scary for him, so I was thankful he didn’t seem to mind.  I was so proud to carry him into the vet’s office.  I’d never had the opportunity to show him off and was excited about that!

The veterinarian and her staff treated us just as they would any person with an ordinary companion animal and not like some crazy chicken lady with a pet rooster.  They didn’t look surprised when I slipped them his blankey and asked that they put it on the table so he would be more comfortable.  He recognized it and I hope that made him feel better about being some place new.  He didn’t seem unhappy being there and wasn’t making his “I’m nervous” noise.  One of the methods I used with Marty Poopins was gently holding him on the ground with his beak touching the ground, staying like that until I could let go and he would remain still until I told him to get up.  That magic chicken training was incredibly helpful for getting him into position on the table.  They gave him general anesthesia via gas then the shot.  There was no screeching, flapping, or struggling.

Accidents, predator attacks, egg-laying complications, etc. all happen.  Each of us meets our end one day and I can’t imagine a better way for any of us to go, especially a chicken.


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