Clyde Went Home

The little rooster stayed for two days. I posted a photo of him on BackYard Chickens and he was identified as a very nice looking mille fleur bearded Belgian d’uccle. I walked down the street, across the road, to my neighbor’s house and asked if he belonged to her. Thank goodness I double-checked the pronunciation of d’uccle before I went over there! She said his name is Clyde and she missed him. She walked with me back to our house to take him home. If he comes back, I know he’s easy to pick up and can just take him home myself. I had the satisfaction of my neighbor saying, “My, that’s a big rooster!”
I told her I showed Clyde’s picture to the lady at the feed store and that the lady would love to take him home if Clyde ever needs a new place. I didn’t tell her that the sheriff’s deputy who called me back after I contacted animal control told me if I had a husband who could safely discharge a firearm, he should shoot him. That’s terrible! I did think it was funny he would ask about a husband. I never thought I would end up in a place where asking a question like that was normal, but somehow it just adds character to the only place I’ve ever really considered home. I wouldn’t be happy anywhere else!


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