He Won’t Leave!

little bugger

This little bugger decided to visit this morning. He is not the same rooster that visited a few weeks ago. Marty Poopins looks like a giant next to him! The hens were very interested, but Marty tried to get him through the fence.
I chased the trespasser back to his house twice, first using my best broody hen hiss and rooster dinosaur roar and the second time with audio from a Youtube video of roosters crowing. I hope they were all impressed with my flock-defending capabilities. I also hope my neighbors didn’t see me.
After I managed to get everyone back in the run, he came back. I tried throwing rocks. That didn’t make him go very far. I momentarily forgot that chickens like to chase things. I then decided to try tossing water from the mop bucket. I missed, but did get his attention.
It’s raining now, but he won’t leave! The hose won’t reach far enough, so I plan on connecting some together if he’s still out there this afternoon.


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