I went to the dentist this morning and was looking forward to talking with a friend I don’t see very often. (Actually, I see her more often now because she works at my dentist’s office.) She’s getting married soon. She deserves lots of happiness! It’s an exciting time for her and I’m excited for her. She showed me a photo of her dress; it’s beautiful and fits her perfectly.
How does this relate to my chickens? Continue.
At the dentist’s check-out desk I was pleasantly surprised to see another friend and her husband. I hadn’t seen them for a long time. Too long. They’re two of the most sincerely blunt people I’ve ever met. That’s meant as a compliment and if they ever read this, I’m certain they’ll understand. I laugh every time I think of the look on my daughter’s face when she was wearing a t-shirt with the abbreviated brand name “Fitch” embroidered on it and my friend said to her, “What up, Fitch?”
How do these anecdotes relate to my chickens? My friend who works at the dentist’s office is entering a new phase of life and things will be different for her. I’m on the other side of a part of my life too: life with chickens. It’s a terrible comparison, but sort of works. My other friend and her husband were unaware of the major shift in my life. I’m glad they didn’t call me crazy. If they did, I would know I was. They did not, but may tell me I am when I tell them Mary Poopins likes belly rubs.


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