Friendly Chickens?

Many chickens are friendly, especially mine (including my rooster).  However, they only remain friendly if each is treated according to it’s own personality.  I don’t pet Mother because she’ll bite me.  I don’t pick up Dirty Birdie because she’ll scratch me.  I don’t run from Marty because I assume he’ll chase me.

As soon as we realized he was a rooster, I read everything I could about dealing them.  I didn’t want to end up with a monster in the back yard, so I’ve employed some of the techniques and haven’t had a problem with him so far.  However, Marty made his first two attacks this week.  Thankfully, the little boy wasn’t hurt either time, just scared senseless.  If a habit is made of running around the yard, screaming and chasing the chickens, the boss will eventually get fed up with it and take care of business.  I can advise that people should not scream and chase the chickens or run from the rooster, but I can’t control what someone else’s child does in their presence (especially if I’m not there).  I can only control my chickens as much as their instincts will let me.


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