So Far, So Good

Success with Problem 1: The first night the girls & boy freaked out and had to go back into the shop.  The second night I finally got them settled and asleep in the coop, although they slept in a little pile on the shelf behind the roost.  The wind became so strong in the middle of the night, I knew they wouldn’t be sleeping much.  Last night, I felt like such a success!  Most of them walked up the little ramp to the roosting area by themselves and all settled in and fell asleep.  They were still in a little pile instead of the roost, but that’s okay.

Hoping for Success with Problem 2: I’m bringing home Mary Poopins and Waffles today, plus 2 – 4 more.  The barred rock will be Mary Poopins.  I just like the name Waffles, but I’m thinking it will be Waffles the Welsummer.


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