New Baby Chicks

The day-old baby chicks arrive at the feed store on Thursday.  That means two things: 1. The big girls and boy must sleep in the coop from now on instead of their comfy, scary-sounds-muted chicken palace in the shop this week and 2. I have to choose the chicks.

Hopeful solution to Problem 1: I stay in the coop while they fall asleep the first few nights and hope they don’t freak out like they sometimes do when I leave the shop for the night.

Hopeful solution to Problem 2: Don’t worry so much about choosing the right ones.  I didn’t have a choice for the first round of chicks; I went out of town for one night and came home to an unwanted surprise of baby chicks.  I fell in love with them and thought a flock of three was too small, so I had my husband choose so I wouldn’t have to.  Now Pocahontas is gone and Marty can’t live with only four hens, so we have to get more.  We need at least three, but that’s an odd number so we’ll need four so each one has a friend.  It’s my turn now because I insisted on day-old chicks.  We have several choices: Easter Eggers, Welsummers, Black Jersey Giants, Golden Comets, & Black Barred Plymouth Rocks.  

I don’t want to have two of the same kind of chicken, but would like to come home with Mary Poopins to match Marty.  Jersey Giants are one of the largest breed of chickens, so I’m excited to get one of those and am tempted to get two so there is more of a visual balance in the flock.  Easter Eggers come in many different colors, so I can get a couple of those without worrying about duplicating color with Lucy or Dirty Birdie.  I’ve heard Welsummers are nice chickens, so I could get one of those but I think they’re smaller than the other chickens so would probably need two.  Finally, there are the Golden Comets; the hatchery doesn’t tend to make mistakes with those.  That’s a total of eight chickens.  Somehow I have to pare that down to four.  Advice welcome.


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